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e4od problems

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Bought a 94 f350 73 I di automatic overdrive tranny owned it for 45 minutes hit a pothole busted tie rod end tire went through inter fender hAd tie rod repaired Transmission has been stuck in limp mode tried everything now I put a new rebuilt transmission in it and I still have the same problem I only have second and third gear no first and no overdrive I have reverse also I am at the end of my road with this can anybody help
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Sorry for your unfortunate start of ownership. Is the O/D off light working? And if it is, is it blinking?
The O/D off light will only come on when you push the button at the end of the shifter. If it doesn't wok, then that issue needs to be addressed first. There is a computer that controls the transmission and of there is a problem the O/D off light will blink.

You may try to retrieve any trouble codes if there are any. You will need a Ford OBD I code reader, or google Ford OBD I codes, and you should find a link to retrieve the codes using an analog Ohm meter. There is also directions on how to retrieve codes using a jumper wire.
You probably damaged either the transmission wiring or the EEC-IV power relay when the tie rod broke.

With the key on check pins 37 and 57 at the computer connector for +12 volts. I'll bet you don't have it.
Thanks for chiming in Mark


I think the IV is fourth gen.

The IDI trucks don't have one, there isn't any computer controls for the engine. There is a TCM, transmission control module that runs the E4OD based on input from the VSS (Vehicle speed sensor) and the FIPL ( throttle position sensor on the injector pump).

I am probably over simplifying the explanation, but if you bought an EEC-IV computer, you may have bought the wrong thing.

I see you posted while I was responding. Sounds like Mark is on the right track. You probably damaged some wiring.
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I just went out and looked to be sure, there isn't any computer on the D/S inner fender well.

Battery, then overflow tank, then fuse/relay center, then vacuum block and up in the corner the cruise module.

Once again, your typing as I am.

Too dark to go back outside and start poking around. Can you post a picture?
Just look for this thread. They just changed the software so I am still trying to figure it out too. But I think you can do it this way:
easiest way is to look at the tool bar at the top of the page. The one underneath the dark one will have a "subscriptions" script on the right side. Click on it and it will show you all the threads you are subscribed to. Once you post in a thread your subscribed.
Never too old to learn

That is the TCM location, I was thinking the other side where the ABS module is. So now it's time to locate the pins Mark mentioned and check for voltage. I would be taking a close look at all the wiring in the engine bay.
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