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I was strongly considering doing a 2005+ 4WD swap on my truck since it is 2WD. My concern was getting stuck while camping in the forest with heavy rains causing mud.

I spoke to a local expert, and he suggested not doing 4WD and instead upgrading the differential.

Since my truck is a DRW with F2 on the door tag I have a Dana 80 w/ 4.10 and Limited Slip. It looks like the True Trac and the ARB Air Locker are the two most common, and most recommended, ways to go.

My question is, how many splines does my Dana 80 have? It looks like 35 and 37 are the two options. I have a Mag-Hytec diff cover now, so if the suggestion is to go crawl under the truck and look at the cover/tags, that's a no-go...
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