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E99 about 120k miles. Out of nowhere one day truck started this. After sitting for a while and trying to start it will start right up with no problem and run for about 10-15 seconds. Then it starts chugging and dies pretty quickly. If i crank it A LOT it SLOWLY comes to life but with A LOT of white smoke. I need to hold it at full throttle at first just to get it going, once the revs finally get up around 2k or so it'll run roughly. A few more revs and it'll clear up.

Now, if it sits about an hour it'll give the same symptoms but if i keep in the throttle, I can prevent it from dying and keep it running albeit roughly with smoke until it can build the revs up to about 2k.

If it only sits 5 min, it's fine, 20 min it starts to give a lil trouble, the longer it sits the worse it gets.

I have my suspicions but I don't want to influence others just yet.

Truck has excellent batteries, a known good Ford CPS, a new GPR, recent (within a year) valve cover gaskets, good buzz test, full hpop, great hpop pressure.
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