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E99" Tranmsission out, what else to do?

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I have my transmission sent away getting it built into a 4wd one, I'm just wondering while my transmissions out, is there anything on the rear the of the engine i should be looking at,

my truck is a early 99", f250 Xlt 7.3 Auto
It sounds strange, but my engine has no visible leaks, oil/coolant or anything.

I dont see any exhaust leaks either.
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I would replace the o-rings in the rear high pressure oil rail plugs. If not, the second you get your transmission back in, they'll start leaking. Murphy's law. Triple check for exhaust leaks. You'll never have a better time to put in donuts or a bellowed up-pipe. Other than that, you should be good to go.

Replacement O-rings for Ford Diesel Engines
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