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Early '99 AC Wiring Harness (sub-harness)

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My E99 AC is not working. I've narrowed it down to a 4-connector sub-harness that connects the AC Clutch, AC Accumulator and AC HP Switch to the main wiring harness.

When I move the harness around it turns the clutch on and off. I've isolated the defective part of the harness to be the diode or connections to the diode and can replicate the problem repeatedly.

The harness (F81Z19B573CB aka Motorcraft YH1593 aka Catalog #XC3519B573EA) is no longer available and I was unsuccessful finding old stock or a used one at the local junk yard. The 99-07 models (including my early build 2000 Excursion) do not use a sub-harness. The connections are built-in the main wiring harness, so using a later model part isn't an option.

I could easily replace the diode...but do not know the value or direction of feed.

Can anyone help with the diode value and installation direction or a detailed schematic of this sub-harness where I may be able to determine the value and direction?

Thanks in advance!
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