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I've been searching for a week now and basicly overwhelmed with all he info I have read. A week ago I checked my turbo out while changing the filter etc. I noticed a have to blades bent outward at almost a 90* angle so right off the bad I figured that was a big part of why the trucks performance is down and the mileage is crap. The intake tube cacked and sucked up a dime size piece of plastic so I wasn't to suprized. The turbo has no end play and normal up and down movement.

Back ground info on the truck: The truck has bully dog 6 position, 6637 (or what ever the filter is) intake, mbrp turbo back. Its my daily driver with 237k miles on it, but never had a day of trouble with the truck. I drive my to my shop and tow my drag bikes to races (I build drag bikes for a living) and tow my 23ft offshore boat 320 miles round trip to the gulf twice a month. I'm not building a race truck just want more towing power and with the added tq I plan to change to 3.55 gears for fuel eco purposes. Right now I run 2300 rpms trying to do the speed limit here in louisiana. I just had ford replace the trans 4k miles ago with the new upgraded trans and converter. Not a bts trans by any means but it went out 24 hours after paying cash for my offshore boat (bad timing).

This is were I'm trying to decide on what to do. I've looked at replacing the wheel and go on my way. Should help mileage and power? Other thought was to install the d66 turbo from beans, a set of stage 1 injectors, and have beans do a 6 position tune for the new parts. Basiclly $2500 for what kind of gains....I don't know. I've never really upgraded a diesel so this is all new for me. I'v searched all over the internet for dyno numbers to see what I'm looking at gaining with these mods. From what I've gathered I have around 200hp and ???tq right now. Beans said I would be around 350hp and 700+tq??? If thats the case then that would be a huge improvement if thats accurate numbers and to me worth the money as I think it would help pull the 3.55 gears better in turn dropping highway rpms and fuel consumption.

Am I missing something or does this all seem on par? Please add any info you may have or ideas on what you would do differently.

Thanks for all the advice everyone!!!
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