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What is the PCM showing for TP (throttle position,) VSS (vehicle speed,) TSS (input speed,) OSS (output speed) and engine speed when it should shift to third gear?
Hi Mark, I am sorry for the delay, my scanner was not working properly so I had to wait for the new one to arrive. Today I was able to get the information that you are asking about. I recorded 4 sessions and they all seem to be very close to each other. These are the readings as the PCM is commanding a 3rd gear shift. TP 21.78% TP 1.09v RPM 1990.2 OSS 1222 TSS 1879.2 VSS 30.06 MPH On my last data log I was trying to see if the PCM was going to command a 4th gear shift as it did for my sons friend who is a young transmission mechanic. It did not command a 4th gear shift for me but it finally threw a code that we have not seen before (P0782 2 to 3 Shift Fault). Thank you for your help Mark
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