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Egr Cooler

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Hi. Just wondering if anyone has had problems with their egr coolers going out. I have a 2004 6.0.PowerStroke I have had to replace mine for a second time in 10 months. I have a pretty stock truck. no programers. i run 35 in tires and a 4in exhaust. Ford is the only place I take my truck for repairs. This has been the only problem I have had with my truck. I also dont drive like a maniac. Has anyone experienced this? The Ford Mechanics have no answer for me???? Help????!!!!
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<font color="blue"> Do lots of searching in the 6.0L forum. You will find a lot of information there. One thing that seems to contribute to the failure of the EGR cooler is a plugged Oil cooler. Engine coolant comes out of the water pump, goes to the Oil cooler to cool the oil, and then goes to the EGR cooler before returning to the water pump, and ultimately the radiator. A restricted Oil cooler is not always the cause, but it does play a role in the failures. Start with this post and go from there.

Was your Oil cooler replaced when one or both EGR coolers were replaced? If not, this could be contributing to the problem, as you will see in that post. It seems that if the Oil cooler is restricted, the flow of coolant through the EGR cooler will be slower, allowing the coolant inside it to become hotter than it should. If the coolant inside the EGR cooler gets hot enough, it can steam and cause the EGR cooler tubes to expand to the point of rupturing.

If the Oil cooler has not been replaced, try talking with the dealership that did the repairs. I highly doubt it, but you may get them to replace the Oil cooler. They may insist that there is no cause to replace it or tell you that it has to wait until the EGR cooler blows again. About the only preventative measure you can take is to install a coolant filter that will help keep the coolant clean and possibly prevent the Oil cooler from plugging up, but if the Oil cooler is already plugged, you may have a hard time getting it unplugged. Before you install the coolant filter, you should probably flush the coolant system to try and get what sludge you can out of the Oil cooler. Even though the recomended coolant flush isn't until 100K miles, every technician that I've spoke with advises to flush the cooling system about evey 50K miles or less. I hope this helps somehow and good luck!

Later, </font>
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