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EGR Delete Now Running Hot No Heat At Heater

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Hello Fellas.... So my issues are hopefully a easy fix, I just did a Egr delete. While I was in there or refurbished the turbo as well. After everything is back together my engine is running a little warmer than it ever did and I'm not getting any hot air to my heater. The actuator under the dash is working and the door on the heater hose is opening and closing like it's supposed to. Another thing I noticed is that my transmission temperature rises much faster than it ever did but does not get hot. The truck is not blowing any smoke and my engine oil as well as the coolant is all new even the radiators new and thermostat. The only upgrades to the truck was the Blue Spring and the EGR Delete as well as the up pipe and it's a straight pipe no cat please help!!
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Are you sure that the coolant system is FULL of coolant. It does not take a great deal of coolant loss to see a differential in Temps and not get warm water to tell heater core...

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