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Happy New Year All, I wasn't hoping to start the new year off like this.....

Go to swap out my fuel filters in my 08 6.4. Quick history, shes not a daily driver and has only 27,570 miles on her. I religiously drain the separator without issue, in fact I replaced the separator gasket 8 months ago to clean which had a little bit of muck behind the drain.

Went to the engine bay filter first and noticed what looked like pepper in the bottom of the bowl. I know, not good its rust! I take a turkey baster and suck out all the residue. The filter is clean without any of the debris attached to it but it is slightly brown.

Removed the rail filter and that's when I saw everything! I stuck a mirror in the housing so I could see more and knew something was up. I just yanked the whole unit out, the pump is rusted and its the culprit.

So hopefully I caught this in time. I plan on replacing the unit and driving for about 25 miles or so, anticipating that whatever is left in the lines will get caught in the filter. The filters were just discolored no debris in either. Don't think its possible to "purge or blow" the lines out.

I'm betting this is my own negligence due to the fact it sits, but I drain the separator monthly (always came out clear with no problems) so I'm still confused as to why the pump rusted. Thinking by draining the separator and not running the truck, the pump is now air bound thus forming rust?

Regardless, just wanted to share. I tried researching this and came up with mostly rust from metal shavings from the HP Pump on the block. This is definitely not the case...


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