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Electric Window Problems

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I've been having a problem with my driver's side window sticking (stops working). There does not seem to be any problem with any of my other three electric windows - I use them all the time with zero problems.

How can I check to find out if the problem is with the switch or the motor (actuator?)? If I put the window down I can 'play' with the switch and it will go back up but I've been stuck a few times and had to leave the window down (didn't have time to keep 'playing' with the window switch). The motor (actuator) does not sound like it's making any noises and the speed of the up/down seems to be normal (on the rare occasion I can get it to work).

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my 01 has the same problem the pinch molding is the hold up when its wet it works fine and i have tried all types of stuff and nothing seams to work for long

but lubed up man watch out it moves fast:bluecap:
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