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Read a few posts similar to my problem but none had a defenative answer. So story is as follows:

Hard starts so i replaced the GPR with the NAPA 109. After i finished that my battery light came on so i decided to test the alternator. It was bad so i got a new one from Autozone. Also went ahead and swapped out both batteries since they were under warrenty still so i could get the discounts on them. Everything worked great until about 2 days later when the truck died and the batteries were both drained. Jumped it and drove it home. Next day batteries were dead and the ABS light was on. Thought it was a faulty alt. so i got AZ to test it off the truck and they said it was good but they went ahead and gave me a new one anyways. Put it on the truck and the batt light is still on and the truck keeps dying.

I cant reasonably believe i just got unlucky and got 2 bad alternators. I would put the old GPR back on but i broke one of the posts while i was getting it off so i cant test that part yet. Wondering what yall think could be the issue.
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