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Hello all. I am in need of some help. This might be kind of long, but I am going to be as detailed as possible with my situation.

I have a 2005 6.0, Fx4. The other day I was standing outside and noticed that my third brake light flashed, as did my bed access light. I thought this was odd, so I took a look inside and found that my clock was on and visible. The truck was sitting with the key out of it.

I got in the truck, pressed the radio button and it came on without the power turned on. I drove the truck about 8 miles and turned it off. Everything acted like it should act, time delayed lights turned off and all. I went in to handle my business and came back out to find my clock back on. Press the button and the radio turns on. I am thinking wth. I work out of town and I was fixing to leave, so the truck had to sit. I got back home about 3 days later and found my truck was dead. I find it hard to believe that the little clock lights would kill my batteries but at this point it doesn't matter, something killed them. I jumped the truck off and found that the preset stations were still stored in the radio so I don't think that they were completely dead.

I got in the truck and drove it/let it idle for about an hour then switched it off. I opened the door and closed it like I was getting out. I found that when my time delay lights went off (interior dome) the clock came back on. I also heard a click under the dash.

I started the truck back up and my dang windshield wipers starting running. If the key is on, they are running, I can't turn them off. I cannot adjust the speed either. They just run.

I have looked at the grounds that are readily accessible and do not see anything. I need help, I hope you guys can offer some insight.
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