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Electrical Woes

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So I just put a new altinator on this past saturday, today I was slowing down and no brakes, thought well there goes the vaccum pump, stopped had a look and the altinator belt has broken and taken off the vac pump belt with it, so no problem pull all thebelts off put on 2 new belts, I did leave the a/c belt off needs gassing anyways, noticed when I fired her up the battery light at the bottom of the dash was on, reved it a little the battery light got dim, well after a 30 mile trip home down the highway at60 mph allthe way the light was still on, pulled up the drivway turned it off tried to start again and batteries are dead, the batteries weretested on sat there good, but thenew rebuilt altinator doesnt seem to be charging, does anyone have any thoughts or solutions thanks Its on the charger right now, thanks in advance:ford:
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Does your truck have the fender mounted voltage relay...... if so check the white and yellow wire to the relay for continuity...... it is a fusible linked wire that signals the alternator to charge.

Plus ensure all connections are clean and any push on connections are tight.
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