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Electrical Woes

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So I just put a new altinator on this past saturday, today I was slowing down and no brakes, thought well there goes the vaccum pump, stopped had a look and the altinator belt has broken and taken off the vac pump belt with it, so no problem pull all thebelts off put on 2 new belts, I did leave the a/c belt off needs gassing anyways, noticed when I fired her up the battery light at the bottom of the dash was on, reved it a little the battery light got dim, well after a 30 mile trip home down the highway at60 mph allthe way the light was still on, pulled up the drivway turned it off tried to start again and batteries are dead, the batteries weretested on sat there good, but thenew rebuilt altinator doesnt seem to be charging, does anyone have any thoughts or solutions thanks Its on the charger right now, thanks in advance:ford:
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electrical woes

thanks for the quick replies guys just before I start id like to say that this forum is such an invaluble tool to me and everyone else, I havnt checked anything yet its cold out and I don have a shop here at home, I normally use a buddys 60x80 shop with everything but a hoist, its nice to have friends like that, my truck does have what looks like a glow plug relay on the passengers inner fender is that what you were refering to? after driving to 50 miles home last night the belt stayed on itwas charging at first but as I got closer to home noticed that the battery light was no longer getting dim on exeleration and the volt gauge was at zero, when we first started it,it was on the N where it sayes normal, before this problem at highway speeds it would sit on the M where it says normal also when I got the rebuiltaltinator I did notice that the pullies where slightly smaller than the old ones could this be a problem? with the low rpm of the diesel I dont think it would be an issue, its not like these motors rev to 7,000 I just thought leave the smaller pullies on and it will charge at a slightly higher rate, I awaite your expert advise, seemsthis truck runs perfect for 6 or 7 months and then BOOM lots of little things in a short period of time I do put a lot of long trips on it british columbia to stockton california about once a month, the rest of the time its getting about 300 to 400 miles around town.thanks in advance:ford:
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I belive its internal I know the old one was and thi one was ok for a day or so looked at the pullys while running nothing seems to be out of wack im going to take it down to a shop and get them to test the altinator output etc that should solve the problemsor at least point me in the right direction :ford:
The auto parts store I got the altinator from told me today to bring it back and they will refund my money, and to go buy one somewhere else so im thinking they might be having lots of problems with the DIXIE rebuilds they are selling so called napa and another store, they have bosch, would like to buy new not rebuilt but it all comes down to money, so thats the plan for tomorro but as its my only form of transport ill have to rely on a buddy to run me around, cant belive the guy at the parts stores attitude, I used to buy everything there but not anymore:ford:
Thanks for the link bommer very helpfull:ford:
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