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Engine Bay Decal

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I am new to the group and need help finding a company that re prints the engine bay decal that is located on the air deflector. The decal shows the belt routing pattern and engine specs. I have the number, but Ford has discontinued the sale of these and offers no where to purchase. This tag offers essential information and I'd like to replace it.
Does anyone have an idea where these can be purchased or who makes these decals? I have a 2006 F250 King Ranch with the 6.0 I purchased from a business in Texas. I live in Cleveland and it's impossible to find one this clean and I'd like to restore this one so these decals would be nice to replace. Any help would be appreciated.
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Find a photo of the sticker and print it on white vinyl bumper sticker material. You could produce hundreds of them.

Moving your post to 6.0L Engine & Drivetrain forum.

Welcome to TheDieselStop, BTW

1 19D784 A/C clutch pulley​
2 19A216 Idler pulley (without A/C)​
3 19A216 Belt idler pulley​
4 10344 Generator pulley​
5 3A733 Power steering pump pulley​
6 8A528 Water pump pulley​
7 6312 Crankshaft pulley​
8 6B209 Drive belt tensioner​

When looking at the engine from the front of the vehicle, and on top the engine, the belt moves to the right (towards drivers side), or in a clockwise direction.
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