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Installed a BTS transmission.

About two weeks later, there was a new noise. Best as can tell, it is coming from about the top of the dog house cover. Cannot tell if it is the engine or transmission.

The noise is a grind. Sounds like gear lash or gears mashing. It is about the same noise that a manual transmission makes when the gears are badly worn and out of adjustment.

Noise only happens when the engine and driveline is shifting between acceleration and deceleration. This is when there is no torque on the driveline.

When running at a steady speed and I let up on the accelerator, just a little, not all the way, and the driveline goes from forward torque to no torque, I hear the sound. However, once I start slowing down and torque is applied to the engine to slow down, the noise stops.

The noise also occurs in the opposite direction. That is, when slowing down while still giving fuel but not enough to maintain speed, and I apply just a little bit of fuel, the noise reoccurs until torque is applied and speed starts to pick up.

If I give lots of fuel or let all the way up on the accelerator, there is no noise.

Also, the noise only lasts for about one half second.

Any ideas as to the cause of the noise?

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