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I have a 2004 Excursion with a 6.0 Bought the truck already studded, EGR deleted, and a 54V FICM.
When I bought the truck it had a hot stall, no restart problem.
Found the high pressure oil leaks and resealed them by replacing the #3 injector and replacing the top injector seal in the #4 .

Oil pressure reads very good now and I drove the truck for a couple weeks problem free.

Truck started smoking (white to gray) and felt like it had a miss. No misfire or contribution codes.
Truck failed the bubble test and I narrowed the leak down to the passenger side by removing the [ame=""]banjo bolt[/ame] at the front of the [ame=""]passenger head[/ame].

Found the #3 injector loose...the [ame=""]copper washer[/ame] had disintegrated/melted and appeared to be stuck to the side of the injector. Scraped off easily enough, cleaned up the injector and injector cup and reinstalled the injector with new O-rings and copper washer.

Put the truck back together and still smoked the same and still felt like it had a miss. Ran KOER test and found sometimes a contribution code for #2 and sometimes #6 .

Drove the truck to work and it didn't feel down on power...mostly just smoked and rough idle...but on the way home there was a lack of power and just as I pulled into my driveway the truck stalled...wouldn't restart. FICM voltage was good, high pressure oil read over 900, IPR was holding around 40%.

Pulled the [ame=""]secondary fuel cap[/ame] to run another bubble test...there was no fuel in it...completely empty. Started to think that I had a fuel feed problem. Hooked up a [ame=""]fuel pressure gauge[/ame] and drove the truck again...pressure wasn't great (45 lbs) but never dropped below 42...not even when it stalled. Pulled the cap again...dry again...yet the truck read fuel pressure.

Research showed that I was possibly pressurizing the fuel system with combustion pressure and that was possibly displacing the fuel from the fuel system. This would explain the run for a few minutes, then stall and no restart for a few minutes...I'm assuming that the pressure would bleed off and the fuel pump would start over.

Still failing the bubble test and still pointing to the passenger side. I pulled and recleaned the injector and [ame=""]orings[/ame] and copper washer. Bubble test

Pulled [ame=""]glow plug[/ame] from [ame=""]#3[/ame] , failed bubble test still.
Pulled glow plug from #1 , failed.
Pulled #5 , failed...pulled #7 ...failed.
With no glow plugs in the passenger head I am still bubbling up to the [ame=""]fuel filter[/ame] housing. Pulled the banjo bolt from the front of the drivers side more bubbles.

Not sure where to go from gladly welcomed.

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