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Engine off Fuel Bowl Pressure

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Should there be any pressure in the fuel bowl after turning off engine. This morning when I opened the bowl there was a pressure relieving hiss. I would have thought that the pressure would bleed down.

Any Thoughts?
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This time I did not open the valve. thanks for response. I would have thought it would bleed off overnight. I just wanted to know it the bowl holds pressure after engine off. Can't find it in my searches and it does not specify in my Ford manuals.
I wanted to know because I installed a fuel pressure guage and trying to find out what the pressure is after engine was off. Should it hold overnight? Just trying to get a feel for it.

Do you have a few threads going with this no-start issue?

Seems I had responded but can't find it now.

Do you have smoke out the exhaust pipe while cranking?

Yes. I have done hours of searching for information that might help. When I get the truck running I will give a summary in my other "confusion' thread. Still working and will do more checks today.

I noticed a lot of no start threads are not closed with the solution They just fade away. I will close the other thread properly with the solution so anyone searching will know the answer.

I didn't mean this thread to a no start thread. My question here is simple. Does the fuel bowl normally keep pressure overnight. Maybe a dumb question but I wanted to know.

My question was answered.

But as long as you I think that means no I suspect a blockage in the fuel filter check valve....will remove it today....have one more relay to check.

Anyway I will check my previous threads and make sure the loop is closed properly after I get it running.

Thanks for the help Artic Driver.
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The fuel regulator has a tiny hole that's always open, along with the spring loaded regulator plunger. So when you turn the key on, fuel flows into the bowl, thru the open hole till pressure builds up to the point where the spring-loaded plunger starts to open. Then when the pump shuts off, the pressure HAS to bleed off completely thru the open pinhole. If it doesn't, something is plugging the hole. It may take a minute or two for the pressure to completely bleed off, but it definitely should NOT be pressurized after sitting overnight.
Thanks for coming in to explain it Will make it a priority to find this pin hole
Crank No Start Summary

Ok guys I want to close the loop on some threads I started. I found a defective IDM so the truck is running fine now. My bowl pressure is now bleeding off to 10 PSI and seems to do better the more it runs.

I wrote a PDF that explained all my troubleshooting to help the next guy.

The PDF can be viewed in my ICP confusion thread. The link is below.
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