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Engine Problems

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Ok I am Starting a new thread for my issues due to not being related to my old post. The truck I bought wasn't what I thought it was so now throwing parts at it with no success (Rebuilt IP and new injectors). So I changed the normal stuff when buying a used vehicle (Oil, filter, Fuel Filter, Air filter). Then I changed out the IP and injectors, still not running right. I tried several different timings with the IP and still the same result. I have a pop sound in the exhaust and too much blue smoke coming out the tail pipe. I removed the valve covers and everything looks great. I pulled off the rockers and valve springs, checked the push rods, nothing bent or broken. I am at a loss right now. I am considering pulling the whole motor just so if the bottom end has issues I can get it rebuilt as well. If anyone else has had this "Popping" sound with a miss out of the exhaust let me know what it was. I am hoping its just a valve job. If I have to take it further I will.
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well here is the update the inside of the valve covers clean as a whistle, not 1 thing out of place. I took off all the rocker arms and pulled all but 3 push rods because of clearance issues but they all looked good. the wear on everything looks really even. I have played with the timing a little bit and gonna advance it to the max tomorrow. Just an FYI the previous owner was afraid of any work. The valve cover gasket on the passenger side was never changed. I had trouble with the 2 passenger side injectors when I removed them. like they had never been changed. It came up with 3 different types of injectors. So here is the video of what it sounds like I will upload another video of advanced timing tomorrow weather permitting.
So I found the problem! I was cracking the lines when the engine was cold every time I was trying to locate the problem. I let the engine Idle for about 15 minutes to get that pop to come back and the fuel coming out the exhaust very little. Then I ran it up to about 1300 rpm where it was shaking really bad and smoking and started cracking injectors. As soon as I got to #5 smoke stopped completely and still had the miss. I found one of the old injectors that looked to be in the best shape and swapped it out. Point of the story even if you replace all the injectors with new ones, You can have a bad New injector. On another note the #5 injector was covered in fuel and looked about 1/2 the needle wasn't seating and could see past the seat.

If the weather is on my side tomorrow I will upload another video showing the change in the truck from replacing the 1 seriously messed up injector.
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