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Engine Problems

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Ok I am Starting a new thread for my issues due to not being related to my old post. The truck I bought wasn't what I thought it was so now throwing parts at it with no success (Rebuilt IP and new injectors). So I changed the normal stuff when buying a used vehicle (Oil, filter, Fuel Filter, Air filter). Then I changed out the IP and injectors, still not running right. I tried several different timings with the IP and still the same result. I have a pop sound in the exhaust and too much blue smoke coming out the tail pipe. I removed the valve covers and everything looks great. I pulled off the rockers and valve springs, checked the push rods, nothing bent or broken. I am at a loss right now. I am considering pulling the whole motor just so if the bottom end has issues I can get it rebuilt as well. If anyone else has had this "Popping" sound with a miss out of the exhaust let me know what it was. I am hoping its just a valve job. If I have to take it further I will.
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Have you actually _timed_ it (with a timing meter)?

Have you done a compression test?
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