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Engine Problems

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Ok I am Starting a new thread for my issues due to not being related to my old post. The truck I bought wasn't what I thought it was so now throwing parts at it with no success (Rebuilt IP and new injectors). So I changed the normal stuff when buying a used vehicle (Oil, filter, Fuel Filter, Air filter). Then I changed out the IP and injectors, still not running right. I tried several different timings with the IP and still the same result. I have a pop sound in the exhaust and too much blue smoke coming out the tail pipe. I removed the valve covers and everything looks great. I pulled off the rockers and valve springs, checked the push rods, nothing bent or broken. I am at a loss right now. I am considering pulling the whole motor just so if the bottom end has issues I can get it rebuilt as well. If anyone else has had this "Popping" sound with a miss out of the exhaust let me know what it was. I am hoping its just a valve job. If I have to take it further I will.
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Popping out the exhaust most times indicates a burned/broken exhaust valve. Popping through the intake usually indicates a burned/broken intake valve. either way you will hear the miss in the exhaust. Run a compression test to find the dead cylinder. If it started all at once, then it might just be a stuck valve, especially if the truck sat still for any length of time. Could be something as simple as a piece of carbon under the valve. I'd sure try to clean it up before I pulled a head, or engine.
I had a pop out the intake a couple years back, it sounded like a firecracker in a coffee can. LOUD LOUD LOUD.

Turned out to be collapsed exhaust lifter on cyl 7, if I recall correctly.

I put new lifters, push rods, and rockers at all cylinders.
Yes very loud, because the exhaust valve wasn't opening, and the compression had to be released somewhere. The OP said that there wasn't anything apparently wrong under the valve cover, so I left that scenario out.
There may be one injector hanging up and causing it to fire late. It might also be late IP timing. The pop IMO is too soft for it to be a burned or broken valve. It sounds like there is still too much flame when the exhaust valve opens. If it was staying open, there would be more of a hiss. How tight is the exhaust system? Holes in the muffler, or the pipe can sound just like that. Just like the old gassers when cool oxygen hits the hot exhaust fumes, the unburned stuff pops
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