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Finally I think I have found a kick ass forum for Ford Diesels!!!!!

I have a 2005 F-350
it has the following:
-turbo back exhaust
-Diablo programmer
- Airraid intake
- ARP Studs

I just had the following done:
- New EGR cooler
- New turbo
- New Heads
- Complete New wiring harness

Here is my problem:

A couple weeks ago I put my truck in the ditch, little hard but not enough to set off my airbags.

Any rate drove the truck for 1000 miles ran like a top. Then one day as I was pulling away from a stop sign (engine normal operating temp) my engine just died. Waited 30 seconds cranked it and blam she purred like a kitten. The next day same thing.
Drove it for another 600 miles, and did the same thing Yeserday. Put on 60 miles this morning ran like a top.
I scanned the truck and it showed a low injector code?????

Any ideas? I am thinking and I may have not replaced my fuel filter as regularly as I do, as work has been flat out.

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