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I have a friend that has a 1999 F250 7.3L pickup and he is having some problems.

When the engine is cold, it starts and the pickup is able to be driven for about 2 miles. After the drive, when the engine is placed in neutral (manual transmission), the engine sort of sputters and dies. When the engine is restarted, it barely starts and then dies again. If it is left alone for about 25 minutes, it runs perfect. Then the same thing happens again.

The O-rings on the IPR have been changed, but it did not help the problem. Another symptom, is that when the key is placed in start, the GPR clicks on and off several times, sporadically.

The exhaust seems good and doesn't have white smoke so I'm assuming the injectors are good. The fuel bowl was checked and it is clear.

Any ideas?
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