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EOT vs Trans Fluid Temp

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After reading several posts about gauges, monitoring, proactive maintenance, etc, I purchased the PLX Kiwi 2 system and the Torque Pro app to run on my bone stock 2000 F250 7.3 PSD. I have read that one doesn't want the delta between EOT and Trans fluid temp to be greater than 15* or so (opinions vary as to the max). I have noticed that mine is reading a MUCH larger delta at ~40*. After driving for a while and no load, the EOT is around 190* and the trans is around 150* or so. Temps in the mid 70's but this delta doesn't really change that much regardless of the outside temperature. This lead me to start asking some questions that I hope someone can help me answer. Is this really a BAD thing? Am I using the correct PID's?

Any input would be greatly appreciated as I am new to the diesel world. Thank you in advance!

The fundamental question is, am I using the correct PID's for EOT and Trans? I have attached a couple of screen shots of the PID's that I am using.


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Us folks with a 6 speed can read ECT, actually has two coolant sensors on the 6 speeds.
Only you guys with '02 and later manual tranny trucks.
The 99-01 trucks only have one ECT sensor that reports ONLY to the instrument cluster. The Vans use the single ECT sensor but its signal goes both to the cluster and the PCM. (But there are no manual tranny vans - at least stock ones.)
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