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EPB tube trouble: or how to ruin ur day.....

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WEll, truck has been running crappy, so in my quest to eliminate all possibilities of whats causing it, I pulled the tube. Looked good from top & bottom.....But the MIDDLE IS SHOT!!!:icon_mad: Of course I dont have the replacement part handy, cuz no one thought I needed it.:nono: WRONG!!
MY ? IS< can it be temporarily patched till I get the new tube?? I have all kinds of stuff to try, HELP PLEASE!!!!:thumbsup:

thanks in advance


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I replaced mine with a 1/4" NPT stainless plug and it's been fat and happy since. The sensor is still attached, but just reading atmosphere. Then again, I've also unplugged the EBPV.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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