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EPR solenoid clamp

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Can someone post a picture of the EPR solenoid clamp. I am working on one with an oil leak and there is nothing holding the valve into the pedestal. I cant seem to see what one even looks like. Thanks.....
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I cant remember when I took mine apart to modify the pedestal, but you may need to remove the pedestal side plug (looks like a small freeze plug) to access the device that holds the solenoid in place. Cheers!
The picture that okney1lz has posted is the correct one. If you remove the nut and washer, the solenoid coil will slide right off. There is nothing visible holding down the solenoid shaft into the pedestal. The only thing holding it in is the two o-rings that seal it (I just took my old one apart). Here's how I removed it: Remove the coil. I put a tubing wrench over the shaft and replaced the nut. Using the wrench as a pry bar on the top of the pedestal (protect the top of the pedestal with a rag), it popped right out. Very simple. Cheers!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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