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Error codes

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Hey Guys!

Been a while sice I've been here on the truck side. Usually on the van portion of the forum. Have some issues with the wifes F350 Superduty.

The check engine light has benn cominig on and going off. I noticed it was overdue for an oil change and the oil was low. Did the change and the light still keeps going on and off.

I used my scan tool and the first time i ran the first standard test it cam up with the folloing codes:

B1353- ignition key in circuit failure - module: GEM/central timer
P1316 - injector driver module codes detected - Module: Enhanced Powertrain
P1670 Electronic Feedback not detected - Module: Enhanced Powertrain
P1876 Transfer Case 2WD solenoid circuit failure - Module: GEM/central timer

This scan was done with the engine running. I then cleared the system and reran the test and the "P1316" code was the only one to come up. I then ran the same test twice with the engine off and received no codes.

I then ran the KOER test and it came up with:

P0284 - Cylinder 8 injector circuit contribution/ balance fault

The second time I ran this test after clearing the system it came back as test completed successfully.

I then ran the KOEO test twice and it too came back as test completed successfully.

The truck seems to be running fine and starts easily. I'm at a loss here right now, because I don't really know what to do. Any help, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanx Chris! I have done both of the UVCH twice and put the Ford clips in the second time. I ran the glow plug 'buzz' test twice and it came up fine both times????

I'm not doubting your advice, but when I had issues with that before the test showed up codes where this time it doesn't, plus the truck runs and starts fine.

I hate computer controlled vehicles LOL!
Sorry, I haven't replied. The light actually went off and had been off since the day after I posted my last reply. It of coarse came on again the day before yesterday. It snowed, since she told me and It's cold as heck outside so I have not rescanned it yet.

We actually just had that recall done on the truck about a week or two befor the problem started.
Did you happen to get any rotational velocity / per delta readings on the engine?
You lost me here. First off, I want to let you know, I'm no expert on diesels, and I know almost less about all the puter crap on them, BUT

Of all the tests I could figure out how to do with the scan tool that I have (I ordered it thru this site) All the codes I recieved are listed in my first post. I know I should scan it again to see what's new, but wanted to find out what this was.

As far as I know it was dry when the light came on both time, but I'll double check with the wife.

Thanx again for the help.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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