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Error codes

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Hey Guys!

Been a while sice I've been here on the truck side. Usually on the van portion of the forum. Have some issues with the wifes F350 Superduty.

The check engine light has benn cominig on and going off. I noticed it was overdue for an oil change and the oil was low. Did the change and the light still keeps going on and off.

I used my scan tool and the first time i ran the first standard test it cam up with the folloing codes:

B1353- ignition key in circuit failure - module: GEM/central timer
P1316 - injector driver module codes detected - Module: Enhanced Powertrain
P1670 Electronic Feedback not detected - Module: Enhanced Powertrain
P1876 Transfer Case 2WD solenoid circuit failure - Module: GEM/central timer

This scan was done with the engine running. I then cleared the system and reran the test and the "P1316" code was the only one to come up. I then ran the same test twice with the engine off and received no codes.

I then ran the KOER test and it came up with:

P0284 - Cylinder 8 injector circuit contribution/ balance fault

The second time I ran this test after clearing the system it came back as test completed successfully.

I then ran the KOEO test twice and it too came back as test completed successfully.

The truck seems to be running fine and starts easily. I'm at a loss here right now, because I don't really know what to do. Any help, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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Don't you just love the world of computers? Nothing ever works the way it's supposed to.

If it were me, I'd be looking for a loose UVCH (under valve cover harness) connector which would throw the P1316 code. Find the flat 9 pin wiring connector on the inboard side of each head. Then grab an ohm meter and check for resistance to see which valve cover(s) needs to be pulled.

The front 2 pins are glow plugs which should read less than 2 ohms when tested against a ground (this won't affect the rough running, but it's a good reference point)
the 3rd & 4th pin are injector wires and should read less than 5 ohms when tested against the 5th or center pin.
The 6th & 7th pin are the other 2 injectors on that side, and the last 2 pins are the remaining glow plugs.
OK, it sounds like you're on top of the basics then. The P1316 is the one I would be most worried about. Did you happen to get any rotational velocity / per delta readings on the engine? The buzz test only checks part of the injector. #8 will usually have a higher reading, and I know the "new & improved" gray CPS being installed under the recall has been known to cause contribution faults on #8 & sometimes #3.

But I haven't heard of this setting the IDM code. Was it raining or wet by chance just before the code showed up? If so, I'd pull the wheel well liner and make sure the IDM isn't getting wet.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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