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Evolution in Extreme and towing?

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Has anyone towed a trailure of about 3-5k lbs(horse trailure)with their EVO in xtreme?How hot were your EGT's with 4" exhaust?
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After driving my truck to work this morning after loading the "Tow" program for the 1st time, I have to wonder why you would need any more than that! The roads were damp in spots, but on the dry pavement I could easily roast the tires. I had trouble on a wet freeway on-ramp, as it spun the tires even with a rolling start. Granted, I still have an open rearend, but it still is spinning 2 tires (DRW)!

Are you planning to re-create the Dodge commercial and race someone while towing? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif

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