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Excursion or Land Cruiser

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So I'm rig shopping... The truck will be driven quite a bit by wife but will also be my toy when I'm not driving the 2 seat toy

I'm Looking for something with good space, reliable, not so common, decent off-road, good height and makes me feel like I'm actually in a truck rather than a crossover.

Always liked the 80 series Land Cruiser (1991-1997) including the LX450. They are a bit hard to find but the look great, run forever and are unstoppable off-road. HOWEVER... I just drove my neighbors 03 Excursion diesel (Not sure which one) and wondering if I should be considering them. Surely not as capable off-road but its got me thinking...

Lets see:

1. Its somewhat rare (albeit not as rare as 80)

2. Live axles front and rear so easy to lift

3. Turbo Diesel sounds cool. And I was quite impressed by its power. I was totally expecting a dog that can't get out of its own way since its so heavy

4. The actually see 23-26mpg on highway and 15 in city

5. They look good with nice beefy wheel/tire combo

6. Tons of space. This could also be a con in terms of length

The Landcruiser forums say diesel maintenance can break the bank... Is this true? I always thought diesels are MORE reliable...

Also, how capable are these off-road? Do they have locking Diff?

Finally, I'm new to turbodiesels but when I hear turbo I think exhaust, intake and even bigger turbo = big power. Do any of you do these?
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4. That mileage is hard to get with a lifted truck, driven in a normal manner. Better that you expect around 15 overall as more normal.

6. They are less than 20' long, roughly the size of a regular cab full bed pickup. But, they are wide and tall, and not much fun in a parking garage.

Diesel maintenance is expensive. It holds about 16 qts of oil, requires expensive fuel filters, and you actually need to replace them unlike a gas engine. Winter can require fuel anti-gel be added. They are more reliable, but require more expensive regular maintenance. For a diesel to work, the internal engine tolerances have to be much tighter than a gas engine. This better precision, and beefier build does lead to greater longevity, and fewer breakdowns. But, gas engines are getter better built all the time, and don't break down very often anymore either.

More, maybe most, women don't really like the smell of diesel fuel or exhaust. They don't like standing in the oily puddle at the truck stop where drops of diesel fuel from the hose over the years have caused a mess.

The excursion is not really an off-road truck. Yes, it can get the job done, but the landcruiser will excel at it. The excursion will do a better job of eating up the highway, pulling a heavy trailer, hauling 6+ people and their luggage. It's an okay built truck, while the land cruiser is an exceptional built off road SUV. They really are not substitutes for each other. Consider your needs and uses, and one will fit better than the other. For me it was the excursion, but it might not be for you. Or your wife.
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