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Excursion or Land Cruiser

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So I'm rig shopping... The truck will be driven quite a bit by wife but will also be my toy when I'm not driving the 2 seat toy

I'm Looking for something with good space, reliable, not so common, decent off-road, good height and makes me feel like I'm actually in a truck rather than a crossover.

Always liked the 80 series Land Cruiser (1991-1997) including the LX450. They are a bit hard to find but the look great, run forever and are unstoppable off-road. HOWEVER... I just drove my neighbors 03 Excursion diesel (Not sure which one) and wondering if I should be considering them. Surely not as capable off-road but its got me thinking...

Lets see:

1. Its somewhat rare (albeit not as rare as 80)

2. Live axles front and rear so easy to lift

3. Turbo Diesel sounds cool. And I was quite impressed by its power. I was totally expecting a dog that can't get out of its own way since its so heavy

4. The actually see 23-26mpg on highway and 15 in city

5. They look good with nice beefy wheel/tire combo

6. Tons of space. This could also be a con in terms of length

The Landcruiser forums say diesel maintenance can break the bank... Is this true? I always thought diesels are MORE reliable...

Also, how capable are these off-road? Do they have locking Diff?

Finally, I'm new to turbodiesels but when I hear turbo I think exhaust, intake and even bigger turbo = big power. Do any of you do these?
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You probably realize you are comparing apples to oranges.

I have a friend with a very nice 80. Very capable off road. But with a stock engine talk about a dog! Also can't imagine towing with it. That said if you need to tow there is no question. The X is the way to go.

Answer to your questions:

2)Easy to lift. Yes.

3)Was the 03 a 6.0 or 7.3? The 6.0 is quicker. That said the DP tune 80 econo chip makes my truck feel like a nprmal gas vehicle. If I actually floor it my wife says its just not right it can excelerate that quick given the size:)

4)23-26 Highway is dreaming unless you drive 50mph on the highway. More realistic in stock form would be 21hwy and 15 city. I lot depends on how you drive and hwy speed. Staying at 65mph makes a big difference. Of course the 80 is not any better. If you lift expect to loose 2 to 3 mpg. See my sig below. I get 13 city and about 17hwy. So keep that in mind if you want to lift or just change tire size.

5)You will loose mpg if you go to bigget tires. I lost 2mpg going to 33s.

6)Lots of space but length hurts in off roading.

Your question about off roading depends. I treat my truck as a multi purpose vehicle and am less concerned about looks/scratches. The center differential is locked. This is why its only part time 4x4. Front axle is open and rear is limited slip.

I wanted a truck that was multi purpose. Comfortable family traveler, haul my travel trailer, tow my 10,000 flatbed utility trailer, go off roading. It does all these well. I have been to Utah around Moab twice with my truck and it would not see pavement for a week. I have done some pretty amazing things with such a large truck out there. But, here on the east coast it is useless excpet for the beach in North Carolina. Its just too big. Also not the best for mud due to the weight. My weights in around 8800 pounds. If you really want to do serious off roading I am now recommending using the money necessary to do the things I did and buy a play jeep to haul with the X and leave the X for hauling the play jeep.

My wife drove the X for years in stock form. She now has a car due to fuel costs. Its a great family vehicle and I would go for if she will drive it. There isn't much difference in mpgs between the X and an 80 or 450. But, diesel is usually more expensive.

Maintenance on a diesel is more only due to the amount of fluids, etc. required. But it does not require more maintenance intervals. If something goes wrong they are usually more expensive to fix. But, they last forever and hardly ever break! Mine has been wonderful. Don't be afraid of the diesel.

The only mods I would do is guages, AIS ford intake if its a 7.3, and a DP Tuner chip with the 60 tow and 80 econo. You really don't need more than that. Be careful of doing exhaust as the X is prone to exhaust drone. Doing it over again, I would not have done the exhaust.

Don't know where you live but if in MD you are welcome to come buy and check out/drive mine.

You can get a nice 7.3L X for $15K-$17K thesew days.
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guages - $300
AIS intake - $200
DP Tuner - $300 I think check the sponsor link.
BTS valve body (not absolutely necessary) $300

Thats enough and it is easy to do all these mods.

I like my 7.3.
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