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This truck has all sorts of issues so I have no idea what is interrelated and what is not. I am slowly sorting them all out. Thus far all the codes are gone, no start gone, rough idle etc gone... I have a new FICM, New ICP [went through 2 before code went away.] and now I am about to replace my oil cooler [EOT gets upwards of 240 sometimes, ECT is normal, never exceeds 210.]

Truck is a 2004 F250SD FX4 6.0L
w/ EGR Delete
6" lift on 35's
140K miles

ISSUE: Lack of power and Turbo Lag

I lose power now and then just slightly, but I can tell its there. When its happening, the Turbo takes a few seconds longer to spool [I have the SCT performance program loaded, so this should not be happening at all]. Sometimes dangerously. From a stop, when pulling out into intersections, it almost doesn't even go whether I stomp on it or not [I know you are not supposed to...] This is beyond the normal 6.0 turbo lag. [ My EOT could be part of this too, too many issues...]

I noticed two things. 1) My Exhaust back pressure is 50 psi+ at idle and surges to over 180psi then usually levels out at about 60-80psi while moving.

What is the normal range for EBP? what may be causing this?

I have also been monitoring the VGT Duty Cycle, bu I have no idea if I am reading it right. it measures in decimal readings [I am assuming this is percentages but I have had no confirmation of this.]

Typical reading is about .54 most of the time. due to the tune, it doesn't move much. It was reading .64 all the time until after I cleaned my EBP sensor and snaked the tube.

I will get better numbers on the VGT, but .54 is about normal at 60mph.


  • Are these readings normal for EBP and VGT?
  • Are they related [EBP and VGT? I know EOT and VGT can be related.]
  • Is my EBP high? [50-80 psi]
  • What should my VGT be reading? [currently .54]
  • Am I reading my VGT correctly? [assuming that .62 = 62%
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