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Exhaust BackPressure Valve Hissing while driving

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Today i left to go to the gym and my truck seemed to be running completly fine, when i got to the gym i had time to kill before they opened, so i started pulling and checking fuses to see if any were blown and contributing to a pre-existing non related problem. Once i finished at gym i got in my truck and let it warm up all seemed normal, until i pulled onto the road and the truck was hissing (same sound as Exhaust BackPressure valve) while i was accelerating. I practically rolled the truck back home at idle. The hissing noise only starts when my foot is on the gas pedal once back at idle it stops. Once i got home i relized there was a puddle of fresh oil in my parking spot. I climbed under the truck and i cannot tell where the oil is coming from but it is leaking and dripping onto the front axle and then onto the ground.

I rechecked to make sure i put all fuses back in correct location that i pulled. When i pulled fuse # 27 (Ignition Run Power Feed (Customer Access) the previous owner had shoved a wire inbetween the fuse and fuse box that is going to what i am assuming is the remote start he added to the truck. When i put the fuse back in, it does not want to stay in on its own unless the wire is jammed back in with it and i cannot tell if it is making a connection or not.

I am almost certain that i have all the fuses back in correctly, with the exception of #27.

I am assuming this problem has to do with the exhaust backpressure valve, seeing that the oil spot was there when i returned home and being there prior to any fuses being pulled.

Any help is Greatly Appreciated
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