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exhaust leak

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Quick question. I have an exhaust leak at the thermo couple. It is due to not being able to tap the manifold due to a lack of space. I need to get an extension. So I used the clamp instead & it leaks now. My question is, I have read that with a diesel an exhaust leak is not a big deal. I need to deal with it but don't have the time for a week or so. Is it really not a big deal, or should I drop everything and get this taken care of? Thanks!
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I have the same Problem at the same install Method I found that the S.STEEL Clamp tends to Rotate as You Tighten it,You need to CAREFULLY since the little washer (White) Seal is FRADGILE,Losen the clamp and Keep the Probe ahead of the Tightening rotation so that when tight It is squere to the pipe or it will not seal
Hope this Helps

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