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exhaust question... 94 turbo

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I have a 94 IDI turbo,I have a full 3" exhaust with no muffler,it sounds good until higher rpm then it starts to sound like a glass pack,I hate that sound,if I use a 4" complete from downpipe back will that go away? It seems that with a 3" DP and the rest 3" it may still be restricted,any advice?
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After I straight piped my all stock exhaust, I wasn't that thrilled with the snappy cackle I got just above 2000 rpm, so I cut the tip at an angle towards the rear of the truck. Sort of a rounded 45 degree angle. Believe it or not it did make a bit of a difference. The snappy cackle was now not as sharp as it had been and it started at a higher rpm.
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