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Exhaust sensor?

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Just had the truck in the shop, emissions light kept coming on. The dealer replaced the exhaust backpressure sensor. It showed only 12.8psi. What symptoms would this have and what differences should I feel with this replaced if any? Thanks in advance for your time.
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Without knowing more, it is tough to say.... a faulty EBP can manifest itself in many different running concerns or it may exhibit nothing more than a CEL.... From the little info you offer, I imagine that your EBP failed the sensor rationality test. During this test (performed KOEO0 we check the pressure readings of the EBP, BARO and MAP... These readings must be within about 1/2 PSI of each other.... Any sensor outside this window is likely faulty.

If a sensor fails the rationality check, there is every chance that the PCM will substitute a number it feels is right. This substitution may not result in an obvious running problem but it could have a less than noticeable effect on some aspects.

Sorry for the ambiguous answer but I have little info to go on.
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