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Exhaust smells pretty bad...

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Ever notice how some diesels just have sweet smelling exhaust? Well mine will make you cry. There is no smoke at idle, but I can smell it from a 50 ft radius. When it idles around anyone else they complain. It happened about the time I put injectors in it, but I wouldn't expect this at idle....

What a possible contributing factors to foul smelling exhaust? There is no cat to be plugged, and even if there was it wouldn't be reacting at idle so it wouldn't help...

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Mine does it as well.

I am going to begin replacing all sensors begining with oil temp and the Air temp.

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I think I may replace the same, mine stinks alot too. I credit some of it to our trucks having lower compression than most diesels we're used to also, less compression equals less heat for combustion, equals unburned fuel. Mine has done it since I got it at 69k, bone stock, startup smoke when cold is a little heavier, but has and still stinks all the time.

Things I have done that would relate and doesn't seem to have changed.

Injector orings
glow plugs
one uvc harness
fuel pump
ipr connector-fuel eaten wires
icp connector-banged up connector from botched 10k
oil and filter, and fuel filter maintained properly
both batteries
had a hx hose at one time
Very little voltage drop across gpr, so have never replaced it, starts fine cold

upgraded (diy) to stage 1's
at that time, found 3 broken nozzle springs, and some somewhat hardened orings (internal), thought that would do it for sure, NOPE maybe cleared some startup smoke, but still stinks something awful.

Mods I have done that could make it worse.
Test pipe
gutted ebpv
supertuner, although makes no difference, in or out
open intake
straight pipe

I don't know really, I've just learned to live with it, if I'm gonna be in close proximity I just shut it off rather than deal with watering eyes and hurting sinuses. I have thought about plumbing in a gauge and letting it get good and cold and doing a bunch of HPOP pressure comparisons, I've heard alot of guys claim relieve from putting in a new hpop or upgrading to a tandem pump, maybe not even a pressure issue, maybe flow at low engine speeds. I'm pretty sure the pump does turn at 1\2 crank speed, so mine would be just north of 300 rpms at the pump at idle.
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Fuel pump is new. New o-rings with the injectors. I also replaced the seals on that sensor that goes into the back of the HPOP. ICP or IPR.. Can't remember.

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Ipr orings. Forgot to add I have a new ipr also when I did injector o rings. 3 years ago or so
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