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Expedition Overland

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Expedition Overland​

Check out these two latest videos from Expedition Overland, they feature build ups of a couple of Toyota rigs, but their youtube channel has a number of different videos showing the rigs and adventures they have been on.

Here is some more info about Expedition Overland:

We are a reality based web series that will follow six overlanders and their outfitted vehicles through some of the most remote places of North America. Desire for exploration and adventure is at the heart of this series. The show will feature our adventures and mishaps along with personal insights into our struggles, successes, and experiences. These journeys will require team work, problem solving, ingenuity, and endurance. The hurdles that are required for such journeys to be a success will be highlighted throughout our series. We welcome you to follow us as we step into the unknown.

This is Expedition Overland.
They have more videos on their website that show some of their adventures and different vehicles they have modified.
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