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Experience With Aftermarket Parts

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I found a truck for sale at about $25,000. 2008 F250 with an extensive amount of work done to it.
The list includes:
Choate engine
Jasper Transmission w/ triple disk converter
HD connecting rods
ARP head studs
O-ringed and ported heads
Flycut/coated delipped pistons
Stage 2 comp cam
100% over injectors with dual k13 fuelers
FASS 165 gph pump with bottom sump
59/76mm precision turbos
No Limit intake and intercooler piping
oDawgs intake manifold
Mishimoto intercooler
6.0 manifolds with 40mm wastegate

There’s more but that’s most of it. My question is I don’t know the quality of all these parts and whether or not the truck is worth $25,000. It has 330,000 miles on the body but the engine itself has 10,000 miles. I hear that the Jasper trans are trash so that’s already a few thousand I may have to pay later on. Any help is appreciated.
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I would keep looking for a stock truck. That way you will be assured that you know the quality of the parts you install.
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