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Experience With Aftermarket Parts

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I found a truck for sale at about $25,000. 2008 F250 with an extensive amount of work done to it.
The list includes:
Choate engine
Jasper Transmission w/ triple disk converter
HD connecting rods
ARP head studs
O-ringed and ported heads
Flycut/coated delipped pistons
Stage 2 comp cam
100% over injectors with dual k13 fuelers
FASS 165 gph pump with bottom sump
59/76mm precision turbos
No Limit intake and intercooler piping
oDawgs intake manifold
Mishimoto intercooler
6.0 manifolds with 40mm wastegate

There’s more but that’s most of it. My question is I don’t know the quality of all these parts and whether or not the truck is worth $25,000. It has 330,000 miles on the body but the engine itself has 10,000 miles. I hear that the Jasper trans are trash so that’s already a few thousand I may have to pay later on. Any help is appreciated.
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Do you even know whether or not all of these parts are compatible with each other? Just to start with, the Jasper Transmission is for a stock engine, not for one that has all of these modifications. That right there should be a huge red flag for you. It would make me think that the previous owner possibly added all sorts of parts without having the knowledge to even know if all of these different parts were compatible with each other. I suspect that you may not have the knowledge either to understand how all of these parts interact with each other; so I really don't think that it is the right truck for you.
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