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Extended Range Tanks

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After reading the post concerning 5 gallon diesel containers - what about the aux fuel tanks. Not mentioning a specific brand but I've read that one of the reasons our Diesel fuel tanks are not metal is because the plastic doesn't weep as much, hence less water introduced into the fuel when the tank isn't full. So, how do those of you who have Aux tanks (I don't know of any that are not metal) handle the water condensation when the tanks are not full? Which then begs the next question, if kept full (or even partially full) how do you keep the fuel from becoming stale?
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I've heard about the diesel growing and requiring treatment but I have never experienced it in a couple million KM's of driving Super Dutys. Either I have been very fortunate or maybe the climate has to be a lot hotter on a long term basis with high humidity or something than we experience here futher north, I don't know.

For 30 or 40 gal on the occasional basis, I would be tempted to buy/build a decent cabinet that can be strapped/bolted into the truck temporarily that would hold half a dozen 5 gallon cans.
With the cans, I would rotate them out just to be safe. Well same thing with a aux tank. Fill up main tanks with that, then put the new fuel in the aux tank.
Personally I've never seen algae. I think it's more of a pick it up from a bad station, then your infected for life and have to keep a close eye on it lol

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Get jp8, it's lighter. Lol

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