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Extended Range Tanks

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After reading the post concerning 5 gallon diesel containers - what about the aux fuel tanks. Not mentioning a specific brand but I've read that one of the reasons our Diesel fuel tanks are not metal is because the plastic doesn't weep as much, hence less water introduced into the fuel when the tank isn't full. So, how do those of you who have Aux tanks (I don't know of any that are not metal) handle the water condensation when the tanks are not full? Which then begs the next question, if kept full (or even partially full) how do you keep the fuel from becoming stale?
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Phil: Thanks for the reply. Have not been able to use my truck and 5th Wheel as much as I'd like. That said when we travel from the 'middle of nowhere' Kansas to New Mexico or Colorado it would be nice to have an extra 30 to 40 gallons on board. Just haven't been able to justify the cost versus the times I'd use such. In any case I was wondering.

I used to fuel jet aircraft and we used a product called Prist which was an antimicrobial solution. Meant to keep the green slime from growing at the water / fuel line in the tanks. Again, thanks for the reply.
We currently travel with two 5-gallon jugs of diesel but I'm reaching that age when the body has started telling the mind (screaming actually) that the body is not that young anymore. Becomes quite a pain (pun intended) to get those 40 pound containers out of the truck and then hold them up while fueling the truck. Oh well, wife just told me to keep doing it, the exercise is worth it :) .
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