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F-350 Idi 1994

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Hello everyone I hope someone can help me out here. I just got a kit to put the O rings and caps and hose on my fuel injectors, and I got the inline instead of the offset. Does it matter really? I have put them on and 4 leak when you just touch them. I lubed the o rings. Just not sure if the positioning of the fuel lines off those caps really is critical, or is it? THANK YOU !!! eacars
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the new caps should match the old ones. the length of hose is not "critical" but you need to not have any side pressure on any of the caps. You can go to the dealer and purchase single caps in the configuration you need. I had to get two different caps that didn't come in my kit. If they leak by just touching them, they will probably allow air into the system when you shut it off and you will have problems starting.
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