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Howdy to all that read this!

I just bought a 99 e350 with the 7.3 in it! I'm super pumped. I want to do the exhaust, so I'm gonna go with one of the kits you buy online that's with the down pipe and pre bent and all that.

I want to do 5 inch (with 4 inch downpipe) but am only finding that for f250 and f350s. All I can find for vans is 4 inch (with 4 inch downpipe).

Does anyone know If one of the truck kits would work for my van so i can go 5 inch as desired? If they are different, what's the difference? If it's as simple as hanger locations, that's no big deal. I read somewhere that a trucks down pipe is longer than a vans, can anyone confirm that? That's also not a big deal either, shortening the down pipe wouldn't be hard.

But if it's something like the down pipe is a total different shape, or there's something different around the rear axle or something, than I suppose I'll have to stick with the available 4 inch. It'd be cool to see a fully assembled f250/f350 kit sitting next to a e350 kit to see if they're different.

Thanks for the help!
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