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F350 ride height

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Hey folks, I have a little dilemma

I want my pickup to sit as high as a 1 ton but swapping in a D60 isn't in the cards (or the budget) right now. I just rebuilt the whole front end of this thing last summer and I can't justify 1200 for the D60 plus all the parts to replace the wear parts before putting the damn thing in (I estimated 2 grand for it).

I was thinking of doing an entire re-bush to replace all the worn TTB bushings and maybe adding a third leaf in the front. For the rear I was thinking of putting a set of 1-ton blocks.

Will this work? I thought of just selling this truck and buying a 95-97 1 ton but I finally have this thing paid off and it runs awesome. I'd rather not buy someone elses problems if I can help it.

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try a reverse shackle kit with SD springs. That would ride WAYYY better than an add-a-leaf. You would get about 3" of lift. You can then level it out with a F350 block in the rear instead of the F250 ones. You would need a drip pitman arm and that should do it. Lot cheaper, and ride is way better.
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