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F350 towing question

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I think the last time I tried the post failed, if not I beg forgiveness to the admins and offer coffee, booze and whatever else in recompense

I am looking at buying a tiny home that is based on a trailer. The specs posted are:

Tongue weight ?
Each axle ? 6000 lbs
Per wheel ? 3000 lbs
Total trailer capacity ? 18,000 lbs
Total trailer length ? 28?

They state on the site that a 1ton truck can pull it. I have a 2006 F350 DRW 6.0 diesel. What I am reading is that it caps at around 15k towing capacity. Need to get on a scale to get my exact weight but under my math I am 3k lbs over pull. I do have a CTS with towing option and I am going to upgrade the egr cooler and oil cooler in the next few months. Maybe an air ride lift/towing kit dependent on time/$$$.

Driving would be in Colorado Springs. Would not move it much after delivery but would like to know if I could move it if need be. Where I am looking to buy is considered mid-high fire danger.

Thanks in advance.
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For stopping a load of that size you need to depend on the trailer brakes and not on the trucks brakes. Besides the F250 and F350 use the same brakes unless you have a F350 dully. For the going better, that can just be a issue of gears. Did the 250 have 3:55's or 4:10's, same question about the 350, other than that they are the same or 99% the same. Also if you look at the spring packs in the rear you will find that they are the same, the 350 may have a helper spring installed but that would be about it. Now I am talking about the single wheel 350, if it is duly then they will be different.
Sorry about that I didn't notice that you said that the F350 was a 2002.

But I still say that the majority of the braking should be done by the trailer and not the truck. Properly set up trailer brakes will handle what ever load that the trailer is set up to haul. As for the springs, my F250 will handle anything that a friends F350 will. It will squat slightly perhaps a inch when you put a 1500lb load in the bed but then it levels out with no problems and has no problems handling the load.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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