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F350 towing question

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I think the last time I tried the post failed, if not I beg forgiveness to the admins and offer coffee, booze and whatever else in recompense

I am looking at buying a tiny home that is based on a trailer. The specs posted are:

Tongue weight ?
Each axle ? 6000 lbs
Per wheel ? 3000 lbs
Total trailer capacity ? 18,000 lbs
Total trailer length ? 28?

They state on the site that a 1ton truck can pull it. I have a 2006 F350 DRW 6.0 diesel. What I am reading is that it caps at around 15k towing capacity. Need to get on a scale to get my exact weight but under my math I am 3k lbs over pull. I do have a CTS with towing option and I am going to upgrade the egr cooler and oil cooler in the next few months. Maybe an air ride lift/towing kit dependent on time/$$$.

Driving would be in Colorado Springs. Would not move it much after delivery but would like to know if I could move it if need be. Where I am looking to buy is considered mid-high fire danger.

Thanks in advance.
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I've seen a few of those tiny home shows.... sometimes I wonder if it makes way more sense to just buy a good size 5th wheel used for 1/2 the cost and less weight plus it's relatively aerodynamic. Install a gd diesel furnace.
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