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Searching for a 4wd front out of a 450/550 to convert my 550 to a 4wd. Thought I had everything figured out, but I found a new problem.

On a couple of sites, I am offered the option of a 2C34-3002 series or a 3C34-3002 series. I can't find what the differences are. Both are offered in 4.88 ratio and both are from a 450. So what's the difference?

There's a big price difference between a 2000 450 front axle and a 2003 450 front axle. The 2000 says it's 13mm thick hub flange. So how thick is the 2003?

I thought they were all interchangeable (within body styles), just that I had to get a front end out of a 450/550. Will that 2000 450 front fit in my 2003 550?
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