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I have seen quite a few 2008 cab/chassis here in Maryland, one large dealer has at least 25 on the lot, both 450 and 550. As far as trim, most I have seen are XL and XLT's, haven't seen a Lariet c/c, but just call your commercial dealer or visit Ford's truck website.

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Are the Chassis cabs going to be available soon?

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My copy of the F-450 Order Guide is dated 11/01/06, so you could have ordered a new 2008 F-450 six months ago, and you'd probably be driving it by now.

If you go to a Ford dealer that has a big truck department, you can see some. You're not far from Atlanta, so maybe start with:

Peach State Truck Center
6535 Crescent Drive
Norcross, GA 30091
Tel:(770) 449-5300
Fax:(770) 447-0984

With a quick look I don't see a truck-only Ford dealer in the Atlanta metro area, but I'll bet there is one. If Peach State doesn't have what you're looking for, maybe ask them where is the local truck-only Ford store?

As to options, most of the stuff for pickups with Lariat and lesser trim levels are available in the chassis-cab trucks. Including navigation and satellite radio. But most dealers will stock only the "work" trucks, so they may not even have a Lariat CrewCab PSD F-450 in stock. If you hanker after a Harley or King Ranch, then forgetaboutit or settle for a pickup.

If you're interested in that sorta stuff, download the 2008 F-450 and/or F-550 Ordering Guide from - then read and figure until you're blue in the face. If you have trouble understanding any of the Fordspeak in the Order Guides, just holler back in the Ordering Info forum and someone will 'splain it to you. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/warmsmile.gif
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